Blair Allen



Blair along with his wife Sharon moved to Regina in the summer of 2008 with a very clear call to plant a church in the growing city of Regina. Shortly after arriving, Blair worked in construction and they began gathering people each week to teach the Bible and to share the vision of “The Compass Church.” As this initial core group grew, they launched The Compass Church in East Regina in 2010. God's faithfulness has been evident as The Compass Church, by God's grace, has grown and launched a second congregation in the North End of Regina, and in 2018 a third congregation in the South End of Regina.


Blair and Sharon have four amazing kids and enjoy camping, biking and being together, laughing with their kids. Blair is the preaching Pastor at the East Regina location and oversees the larger vision and direction of The Compass Church.


Murray Lutzer



Murray has been part of The Compass since it started!  Here is what Murray has to say about this journey:


“It’s been so awesome to see the good, bad, and amazing parts of church planting!  I came to Regina kicking and screaming and not sure why Jesus lead me here!  It’s amazing what He had planned for me here!  I grew up in a Christian home, but I heard the Gospel for the first time 8 years ago.  After being changed by the Gospel and continue to be changed by it, I realized we need to get the good news out to the youth in our city!  We started Align Youth with the focus of reaching teens who would never have a youth pastor! We are currently working in four high schools in Regina where we can talk freely about the Gospel.  We also run two gym nights and are looking to add another gym night in 2017.  Jesus has broken our hearts for the city of Regina.  The Gospel is the only thing that brings hope to a hurting and broken city.   


I moved to Regina as a single man and thought I would never find a wife here.  Little did I know that Jesus would bring an amazing girl into my life.  Shannon and I have been married for 7 years and have four (everyone puts amazing kids here) I will say amazing little sinners in our house.  We are blown away with Jesus’ faithfulness to give us four little sinners (Oliver, Ayla, Rhee and Lundon). They are daily teaching us more about Jesus grace and His love for us.”


Luke Etelamaki



Luke is the planting and lead pastor of The Compass Church North, our second church plant in Regina. Luke has the joy of preaching at and leading The Compass Church North location. Luke is married to Bailey and they started at The Compass in 2012.  Luke and Bailey have been married for 7 years and have 4 amazing kids.  As a family they love to have fun outside and especially enjoy being out at the lake, playing in the water, going fishing and eating s'mores around the campfire. With a young family, they find themselves pretty busy just trying to keep up with their kids. 


Luke is a bit of a foodie, and loves BBQ and smoking various types of meats, enjoying the advances of the new Covenant by eating as much bacon as he can.  Bailey and Luke love trying out new restaurants here in Regina or when they travel and are quite adventurous in what they eat! 


Luke is a sports lover and is always cheering on the Canucks, Seahawks or Riders. Luke is a firm believer that Baseball is God's gift to mankind (Go Seattle Mariners!) and in the summer he loves to play or watch baseball! Luke also enjoys to be out with his family, reading and just having fun with friends. Luke would love to connect with you on social media, but even more so in real life! 


Cam Abbott



Cam and Sam began attending The Compass Church in 2011 and are currently leading a great team of people to plant a church in Harbour Landing (South End of Regina). In June of 2017, Cam and Sam celebrated being married for 5 years and have 3 great kids. As a family they love camping around Saskatchewan, the Riders or any other sporting event. Cam and Sam created a book called, “Regina Eats” where they put their personal critique and ratings on every restaurant in Regina. They both love trying new things. Cam enjoys home brewing and tasting craft beer, great coffee and also enjoys reffing football.


Tony Tsang 



粵語傳道 / 長老

Tony and Patricia began attending The Compass Church in 2015. Tony and Patricia have two grown-up children: Justin and Tiffany. Tony has a passion to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Tony is also an Elder of The Compass Church. Tony also gives direction and leadership to the prayer ministry as well as leading a weekly GPS Missional Community among other things.  Tony enjoys to read and it’s not unusual to see Tony playing basketball or other games with the “Align Youth” on Friday nights, or helping wherever it is needed.  Tony and Patricia have huge hearts and a deep love for Jesus and Tony describes himself as;  “I am just a nobody telling everybody about Somebody who can save anybody.”

振聲與佩欣自二零一五年起開始在指南針教會聚會。振聲和佩欣育有兩位成年子女:摯信及施憫。振聲熱衷於對人傳揚耶穌基督的福音;振聲亦擔任指南針教會的長老。振聲也對禱告事工提供方向和領導;此外,他還帶領每週一次的使命社群小組。振聲喜愛閲讀。 逢星期五晚上亦不難看到振聲在 Align 青少年事工中打籃球、參與其他遊戲、或在任何有需要的地方協助。 振聲和佩欣對耶穌有著熱忱及一份深厚的愛。振聲曾這樣形容自己:「我只是一個微不足道的人,去告訴每個人有關某個人能夠拯救任何人。」

306.501.8422   |   手機號碼:


William Con



Will is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia and loves ice cream, anime and spending time with his beautiful wife Courtney, who he met while attending college.
Both Will and Courtney have been serving at The Compass Church since 2015.


Being six foot two, William is the tallest half Asian, half Scottish mix you'll ever meet. :) He came from a mixed family with three siblings whom he loves dearly all who still live in BC. Losing his dad in his early teens, Will grew up fast with the desire to emulate the role model he found in his father.


Will serves in various capacities and is working toward becoming a church planter in the near future. Will and Courtney help give leadership and oversight to our GPS Missional Communities, while Courtney helps lead Compass Chilenz', our children's ministry. Both Will and Courtney have a passion to see peoples lives transformed by Jesus and to see churches planted throughout our country. Will is super passionate about people and loves to hear people's stories and passions. A podcast nerd and all around nice guy. Ask Will to do something for you and he is ready to help!





Jamie started attending The Compass in July 2016.  Jamie is the glue that holds so many Compass happenings together.  As The Compass’ Administrator, most things come through Jamie and she communicates regularly with lots of people being involved behind the scenes in some way with most everything that happens in and through The Compass Church. 


Jamie was born and raised in a small town in Northern British Columbia and started following Jesus later in her youth. Jamie loves the outdoors and everything it has to offer. She loves adventures whether it be in her own backyard or overseas.  Besides the outdoors, cooking is one of her favourite things to do and she just loves eating all kinds of different foods, especially BBQ.


Jamie's love for people is evident everyday and she loves hearing about their stories and how God is working in individual lives. Jamie worked as a nurse for 13 years, but has stepped away from nursing to follow God’s call on her life. Jamie is a huge blessing to The Compass and she is excited to serve The Compass family and be involved in something so much bigger than herself.


Jordan Fontaine



Jordan began attending The Compass Church 9 years ago at the very inception of The Compass Church.  Jordan was part of the original “Core church planting team”. 


Currently Jordan brings leadership to The Compass Church North Regina youth ministry team (called “Align Youth Ministries.”)  Jordan and his wife Sam have been married since 2012 serving at our Compass Church Plant in the North End of Regina, along with Pastor Luke.  Jordan and Sam serve and lead in many areas in The Compass North from setup for our Sunday gatherings, to greeting, meeting with people throughout the week and helping wherever it is needed. Jordan and Sam had their first child, Bentley, born in September 2017.  Both are passionate for the North End of Regina and seeing many youth and families know and follow Jesus.