Why I Love My GPS Missional Community

Sharon and I get to host our GPS Missional Community every Tuesday night and each week there is not a night that goes by where, after everyone leaves, we comment how awesome it is to “do life” with these amazing people.

Recently we did a separate men's and ladies night (we try to do this once a month). Typically the guys meet at Boston Pizza and the ladies at my house. After meeting a few weeks ago, as I got into my vehicle to drive home, I was confronted again with some of the reasons why I love my missional community.

Here are five to ponder for yourself:

  1. I love my missional community because this community of people consistently challenge me to focus my mind and my heart on Jesus. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen and heard people in my missional community communicate God’s mission through the lens of the Gospel and the saving work of Jesus.

  2. I love my missional community because this community of people have been a tangible display of what it means to be a Christ follower to one another and to those in their sphere of influence. I have seen people cry on the shoulders of others. I have seen encouragement, love and tangible ways by which my missional community has served and loved one another. I have seen people praying for co-workers and for neighbours and for loved ones. What I love most is how often these tangible displays of community and love are done when no one is looking.

  3. I love my missional community because this community of people continues to grow by asking the question, “If we were family by blood, how would this look?” For example, each week my missional community has contributed to the larger group by bringing food and by actual investment into the lives of one another. My missional community actually knows one another and this knowledge far surpasses anything that could be accomplished on a Sunday morning.

  4. I love my missional community because there is a real and tangible desire to grow in knowledge, Christlikeness and God’s mission. For some reason I am always shocked at how many in my missional community take such detailed notes from the Church gathering on Sunday morning. I love that and it makes such a difference to our discussions and to our hearts.

  5. I love my missional community because this community loves me! “Of course they love you, you’re their Pastor.” Actually they do love me because I am their pastor and my heart is blessed when they pray for me and Sharon and our family. The truth is that they love me for me! All my bumps and bruises, the things I get wrong and the ways I have hurt them. They love me because I am a person like them in daily desperate need to be rescued from my sin and to have my identity rooted in Jesus. I know that this is a community of people, tracking together to make much of Jesus and I love to be part of a missional community like that!

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t perfect. We are messy but through the messiness, there is a sweetness, a sweetness of community as God designed it – and I love it!!

Pastor Blair
(One beggar trying to show another beggar where to find food)

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