A Reason (or Four) for God

Lots of people today don’t take the idea of God seriously. Maybe you think He contradicts science or because many prominent religious leaders are hypocrites, or even simply because you might believe he isn’t relevant in our lives. Regardless of the reason for not believing, we should not dismiss the idea of God lightly. Here are four reasons why.


1.  There’s a good chance, God exists: 

The complexity of the natural world and the reality of human experience both strongly suggest that we are not here by accident. While science has indeed explained many elements of the natural world, in many ways it has only unlocked a greater appreciation for how something like us can exist at all. Thus, the existence of God is something that we cannot simply ignore.


2.  If He exists, He is relevant: 

If it is the case that God is the creator of reality, He might have an interest in human beings after using effort to make their existence possible. If this is true, it follows that it is in our best interest to understand what His role is.


3.  If He exists and is relevant, your life takes on a whole new meaning: 

Think about it for just a moment. If God exists, and “cares about us”, it means that the things we do now, have an impact that lasts. Even if you’re convinced God does not exist, it’s interesting to think our actions last for reasons outside of us. 


4.  Meaning through a God who exists and is relevant is not unimaginable: 

You might think that God is only for softer types of people. But the idea of God is something that has always been championed by intellectuals. Many great scientists, philosophers, writers and leaders in both past and present do not hesitate to proclaim they believe in the hands of someone greater than themselves. If you think that this “God-thing” might be worth thinking about, you’re not alone in your conclusion.


Let’s face it. The conviction that God exists continues to have a profound impact on human society. With this in mind, even if you do not already believe in God, perhaps you should at least take the time to check this “God-thing” out. If He does exist, after all, wouldn’t that be an important thing to know?

Evan PinterComment