Series in the Book of Proverbs

Our world is so broken. Is there a right way to live as we try to navigate this broken world?

Does gaining more knowledge help us in the pursuit of life?

Woven into human fabric is the desire to learn and understand. Our mind sets us apart from animals as we analyze, conceptualize, theorize, discuss and debate everything from science to the supernatural.

But where does one find wisdom? Following our parents? Read the new self-help book? Oprah?

Would it not be wise to go back to the source – to our Creator?

Proverbs can be read as a book of rules, but unless we read and study this book – realizing that the Wiseman of Proverbs is Jesus – we will miss out on how the Wiseman came and took our broken world and began to mend it together by living the perfect life we cannot live and dying the death we should of died, and exchanging our sinful lives for His perfect life.

We invite you to enter into Proverbia – a world governed by the timeless wisdom of the biblical book of Proverbs. We invite you to discover, to study, to be empowered, and to walk in wisdom as we live out Jesus' mission of restoring and mending our broken world.

This is Proverbia – ancient wisdom, modern living.

Series Schedule

October 4 Introduction
October 18 Tapping into Wisdom
November 1 The Tongue - Part 1
November 8 The Tongue - Part 2
November 15 Pride and Humility and Its Impact on Advice
November 22 Guidance, Planning, and a Future Outlook
November 29 Family and Parenting
January 10 Steward or Sluggard
January 17 Man / Husband
January 24 Woman / Wife
January 31 Marriage and Singleness
February 7 The Power of Sex
February 14 Generosity and Building Wealth
February 28 Shame and Self Control
March 6 A Mixed Bag