Evangelism in a Post-Modern World

Evangelism in a Post-Modern World


October 10, 17 & 24, 2019

6:30 - 8:30pm

Hub (70 Froom Crescent)

Fee: $20.00

Required Number of People: 10

* There will be some homework assigned *

• Week 1: Evangelism, God and Us
• Week 2: Postmodern Culture
• Week 3: Evangelism in a Postmodern Culture

The tension we find ourselves in, as followers of Jesus, is how do we take the timeless truths of the Gospel to the ever-evolving post-modern world around us? How do we share the truths of the Gospel in a culture where truth is based on personal preferences and is fluid depending on the moment we find ourselves?

This three-week module will focus on training followers of Jesus to share the Good News of the Gospel to a post-modern world. We will spend the first week unpacking evangelism, God's role, and our role. In the second week, we will spend time looking at what we mean by post-modern culture and some of the big ideas that we need to be aware of. And in the third week, we will focus on tools for evangelism in a post-modern culture so we can effectively take the Gospel to our city.