Youth pastors to kids who would never have a youth pastor.


When you think of youth ministries, lots of thoughts come to mind! The heart of Align Youth is to be youth pastors to kids who would never think about going to church.

Align Youth is a movement of Christian young people who want to serve their community and tell people about the Gospel. What we have been doing for the past several years is opening up a local gym in Regina on Friday nights and inviting the community kids to come play in the gym. And more importantly, they come and hear about Jesus and His amazing love for us and how He wants to have a relationship with us all. About 80% of the kids who come on Friday nights have never heard about Jesus and His amazing love. We have seen many kids' hearts soften towards the message of the Gospel.

We would like to see many more gyms open up across our city, but also across our country. We want to see each night built by a team of Christian teenagers who are in charge of the gym night. We really believe that being on Jesus' mission starts when someone becomes a Christian, not when you reach 18 years of age.

Our hearts are to also meet students on their turf. We are able to go into a number of high schools during the lunch hour and put on a program called D4. The goal is to hit four dimensions during the lunch hour: to have fun with the students, to bring food for the students, to provide a place where friends can connect, and to be able to talk about faith! It is awesome to connect with the students on their turf!

Join us this Friday.

5:30pm – Northgate Mall (489 Albert Street)

6:30pm – Imperial School (200 Broad Street)

Join us this Friday.

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 Interested in helping us out?

If you're interested in helping out at Align Youth, please contact Jordan Fontaine below.