A Not-So-Scary Series About The Holy Spirit


The third Person of the Trinity (known as the "Holy Ghost" or the "Holy Spirit") does not seek to be unknown or scary, but to be be known and experienced. The mysterious Holy Spirit is often portrayed as something “weird.” But the Bible makes it clear that the Spirit is not "something"; He is "someone" — a Person who has promised to never leave your side.

Many people have heard stories of the Holy Spirit that can leave us unsure, leery and sometimes even scared. So out of fear, we neglect to find out the truth.

But in the Bible, it’s clear that the Holy Spirit is power and His workings are invisible, glorious and gentle. He is known as the Comforter and Counsellor who guides and corrects; He is the Spirit of Life, the essence of truth, and the voice of God.

Yet within these workings, He never tells us about Himself. The Holy Spirit's very purpose is to glorify Jesus — helping us to see Jesus more, to understand and respond to Jesus better, and to love Jesus and others with a deeper heart of commitment.

Unveiling the truth behind the Holy Spirit brings joy and encouragement; no longer fear, but an eager anticipation to learn and discover that the Holy Spirit still works in and through believers to accomplish His will.

His power leads us, convicts us, teaches and equips us to live out His Story in the world.

Experience with us the not-so-scary series about the Holy Spirit.



Sept. 11 Who is the Holy Spirit?
Sept. 18 The Holy Spirit Convicts
Sept. 25 The Holy Spirit Saves / Converts
Oct. 9 The Holy Spirit Applies
Oct. 16 The Holy Spirit Glorifies
Oct. 23 The Holy Spirit Sactifies
Oct. 30 The Holy Spirit Equips – Part 1
Nov. 6 The Holy Spirit Equips – Part 2
Nov. 13 The Holy Spirit Promises
Nov. 20 Revival – When the Holy Spirit Moves in Power