Update From Our Intern

Since September 2013, God has challenged and taught me greatly in many areas of life: from ministry to my life at home with my wonderful wife, Sam.

Firstly with ministry. It was and is easy to get into a mindset that I am only in ministry when I am at Church, Align Youth, etc. But God has been breaking me - greatly in this area of my life - in that ministry does not quit or have a break. Ministry is always going. I have been realizing, by God’s grace, that when I get to go home, I get to minister to my wife. Or when I go to Safeway, I get to show and be the Gospel to those people. I realizing that ministry is not for just the hired pastor, but that I get to minister to all - wherever I am at in life - whether it is in or outside the Church, and that by God’s grace I get to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Secondly, God continues to lay on my heart the difference between law and grace; how the law is a love-hate relationship to myself; how the law allows myself to think and believe I have control and that I only have to follow these three steps and I will be a better Christian or a better servant of Christ Jesus, which is so idiotic. But then again, if someone wants to keep you in line, we want to rebel and go against them. As Tullian Tchividjian says, when a police officer pulls you over for speeding, you hate the police, but when the police officer saves you, we instantly love the police. The police represent the law and is the guy to keep you in line. And we rebel generally against those who want to keep us in line. For myself, I tend to have the mindset that the law allows me to keep control and that I can keep my life in order the way I want. But then grace comes into the picture and it offends us - even more because it wrestles control out of our hands. Grace goes back to the Fall, and God showing us grace! But it shows us how important grace is - that we need grace on a daily basis! Grace is very important to the Gospel, and without grace Christianity becomes like any other religion. Grace through Jesus Christ sets us free to be weak, because Christ is strong for us; that we are free to fail, because the grace of Christ has already won for us! It is amazing to have this scandalous grace that sets us free from the law, and that it is not what we have done but what Christ has done and continues to do!

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