The Gospel Changes Everything

You see in Scripture God placing people in a place at specific time to reach specific people! In Acts 9:10-19, we find God calling out to Ananias to go lay hands on Saul (Paul) so that he could regain his sight! Ananias reacted the way we all would by saying "Ya right, are you sure you got the right Saul!" I am sure Ananias thought "I will lay my hands on him alright!" God used Ananias in a mighty way so Paul could see once again!

Today this is so true for us! God has called each and everyone of us to specific people for this specific time! There is no mistakes where God has placed you today! That means when you jump on an airplane that God has placed you beside that person for a specific reason, or when you are standing in line! Same for your neighbourhood, where you work and that person that just cut you off on the road! Because of the Gospel, there are no accidents but a very clear purpose where God has placed you right now! Look around you right now where you are! What do you see? I know I do this a lot where I look beyond people and look at what I need to get done and I no longer see people anymore or divine appointment that God has set up for me! God has divine appointments for all us to walk into today! Can you see them??

Murray LutzerComment