Porn's Pinnacle

In light of last week's sermon from Proverbs 5 on sex, I thought this might be of value as you continue to process the pervasiveness of pornography.

This study "is the most comprehensive, ground-breaking, in-depth and wide-ranging study to date on pornography among the American population and the Church — research reveals a younger exposure to pornography, increased desensitization and an escalating usage of pornography."

Although the study was directed at Americans, there is not much difference between our two countries on the availability and impact that pornography has on our culture. You might find this surprising, but Canada is the ninth biggest producer of video porn in the world. I hope this new study will help us all realize the danger and damage the porn industry has caused – both in marriages and individuals.

Along with this study is a recent Blog by Jason Helopoulos entitled, "When a Christian Sins." (See link below.) If you struggle with pornography, you will find comfort and encouragement in this helpful Blog.

Pastor Blair

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