"My" Church

We start out with the best intentions.

Before long, however, we always seem to come back to a place of pride and misplaced identity. It's innocent enough at first, and might even have a good foundation; we take pride in this or that aspect of our home church. But then it becomes the thing that defines us, or the reason that we give to others as to why we chose this particular church; worse yet, it might become the reason we give to others when we try to convince them to come check out our church.

This one thing we take pride in was never meant to be the identity of the church; we are the bride of Christ, and Christ as our bridegroom is to be the focus of our worship, our adoration, and our community. It is from Him that we should derive our identity.

When we turn into a people of "my church" this, and "my church" that, we lose sight of the focus, the One toward whom we are to direct all of our worship. We ought to be a community more than a clique; a family under one head rather than a club of like-minded individuals.

A friend of mine recently posted a status on Facebook. He was talking to a man who had converted to Christianity from Islam. In the course of their conversation the man said to him: "you have taken away my way of life and replaced it with a meeting." He was commenting on the sad state of Sunday-morning Christianity.

Have we become a people who are proud of the one thing we do really well in our weekly meetings? Do we form our identity on that point of pride? Or will we turn our focus back to the One who unites us all, and live a way of life that reflects what He has done, not what we do well?

Benjamin WoolheadComment