God Invites Us to Play

At work one morning, I was going about my business doing my opening checklist for the Jump.ca store I manage in the Golden Mile mall. That morning, the young man that delivered the newspaper in the mall came by to drop off the paper as he did every morning. Instead of just saying thank you and moving on with my day, I felt God speak to my heart and tell me to get his name and build a relationship with him. I introduced myself and got his name. He would come by every morning to drop off the paper and we would have a small chat, but it was mostly just small talk.

This continued for a few days until one day, he sat down to chat after he was done delivering his papers. I felt that God wanted me to tell him about Jesus. And after a short conversation, I asked him what he believed about God. He told me that he believed there was a God, or something like a God, that created the world and people. I felt compelled to tell him my testimony and the soul searching journey that Jesus took me through to find the truth. He didn’t seem too excited about that, but once he found out I was a Christian, he had a lot of questions. He would ask things like, "What are your thoughts on sex before marriage?" or "Gay marriage?" or "Do you believe the Bible is all true?" I answered the questions the best I could, by God’s grace—just always trying to bring everything back to Jesus being the Hero.

He came back day after day, and we would chat about life and our common interest in hockey. I would always steer the conversation back to God and ask him if he had anymore questions. I gave him a Bible I had with me at work and challenged him to read it.

One morning, I asked him if he had read any of the Bible and he said "No", but he asked if we could read it together. I happily said "Yes" and almost every morning from there on, we spent a little bit of time reading the Scripture together.

After this time, he would ask questions and I would share with him the story of Jesus as we read verse by verse through the book of Mark. This continued for weeks. I asked him if I could pray for him and he said "No" to begin with, but eventually he allowed me to pray for us before and after our Bible study.

We did this for weeks together and you could just tell God was bringing walls down in his heart. I would ask him every morning if he was ready to give his life to Jesus and he would say "No."

One morning just recently, I felt extra compelled to ask him if he was ready. He said "No", so I backed off right away. Not too long after that, he said he wanted to ask Jesus for the forgiveness of his sins but he did not know how. I just told him to talk to Jesus, because He was listening.

And he did. He prayed for the first time and asked Jesus to forgive him and be his Saviour. You could just tell that it was genuine. We were both excited! He told me that he still had a lot of questions, and didn’t have all the answers and I said welcome to the club!

I wanted to share this story for your encouragement. God will use us in our sphere of influence to share Jesus. I am so thankful that God invites us to play in the work of transforming this city by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Steven HawesComment