From Within the Pews: Does Trump Meet the Criteria?

As I sat and listened to what God had to speak to our congregation on Sunday morning, it got me thinking about what our culture says about men being men. Pastor Blair hit on what the Bible speaks to men about being men, and there is definitely a difference between biblical manhood and cultural manhood. We see this in our day-to-day lives, in the media, in our North American culture. Mostly I see the cultural definition of manhood in a man named Trump.

This year I’ve gotten more involved in American politics... well, at least more informed. Whether it is because we have a residential American amongst us in the office *cough Luke cough* or if it’s because of all the media this year's election is getting, the fact remains the same that almost every day I hear about a man named Trump. And Donald Trump is a “MAN”!

Whether you hear it from his loyal supporters or from his own mouth, it is evident that Trump can be seen as a man of the people. People are drawn to this man because of his no BS style and the Americans are loving it. It’s the honest speech of the American inner heart, too private to say out loud, but feels too right to not be true.

But does Trump match up to the biblical criteria laid out in the wisdom of Proverbs? Pastor Blair spoke on four major points of manhood

  1. A Man treasures what is most important.

  2. A Man creates a flourishing environment.

  3. A Man is an encourager.

  4. A Man’s greatest priority is to be transformed into the image of Christ.

A Man treasures what is most important.

Donald sure does have something important in mind. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! It’s the slogan that will be remembered for the next four years whether he is elected or not. And to the American people, what could be more important? But is this most important? Is it more important to the seclusion of muslim immigrants or middle eastern Christians fleeing their own countries for the fear of death? Is it the deportation of families to countries where there is no home or job waiting for them? Is it allowing other nations to go to war while America sits back and watch because it is not “a good deal”?

A Man creates a flourishing environment.

MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN! If it is true for one, shouldn’t it be true for all? America builds on the migration of the multitudes to a nation and land of promise, use to be great for all people, not just for those who already called it home. Does Trump create a flourishing environment for all people, or only the select few?

A Man is an encourager.

If a man’s height was judged on his ability to encourage, how high of a stool would Trump need to stand behind the podium to speak to the multitudes? I can tell you that the one who did Trump's microphone at a Trump Rally would confirm that he would need a pretty high chair.

A Man’s greatest priority is to be transformed into the image of Christ.

Trump Tower. Trump Hotel. Trump hairstyle. I am seeing a lot of Trump… When you buy into Trump, you’re not buying into a man; you are buying into the brand.

The Conclusion

Proverbs speaks to us about the priorities of being a godly man and husband. I won’t speak anymore about the Donald as I have much in my own life to examine before ever thinking of putting another on trial in things that we all constantly fail at. But let me leave you with some questions I am asking myself as I go about this week:

  • As a son of God, am I treasuring the Word of God in my life to open it and let the Holy Spirit speak to me?

  • As a husband, am I imitating Christ to my wife, laying my life down for her and her needs to be closer to God?

  • Am I creating times in my day where Courtney and I can spend time praying?

  • Am I creating opportunities to discuss how I can be a better man/husband with other men?

  • When life throws me a curve ball, do I pout, kick and scream, or do I allow space for God to move in my heart?

  • Am I encouraging others when I see them transformed into the image of Christ or do I let it slide unnoticed?

  • Am I asking the Holy Spirit to move in my heart to make me more like Christ?

William ConComment