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What is Compass GO?

Compass GO is birthed out of a very clear Scripture command of Jesus’ last words to His disciples: “Go ... make disciples ... baptize them ... and teach them” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Compass GO, at the very heart, is a kind of intentional disciple-making. We are called to make disciples. And to make disciples, we must be disciples. I’m reminded of the time my dad was asked to teach a group of young men how to kayak. He took on the task, but he was not a kayaker and inevitably nearly drowned in his attempt to teach us how to kayak. Disciple-makers must themselves be disciples of Jesus.

Discipleship, at its core, is the process of growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ. That sounds simple. But what does it actually look like?

Compass GO is built around three values of disciple-making:

#1   Disciple-Making is Intentional

Disciple-making is an intentional process of evangelizing non-believers, establishing believers in the faith, and equipping leaders. 

“Make disciples” implies intentionality and process. Compass GO is our way of creating an intentional discipleship culture where people can grow in their faith and confidence in speaking with new people or going to new places for the sake of the Gospel. Compass GO is a place where you can become equipped to make disciples and to establish one another in a deeper, more vibrant walk as disciples of Jesus.

#2   Disciple-Making Happens in the Context of the Local Church

Compass GO is also designed with the understanding that disciple-making happens within the context of the local church. It's a community project, not just a personal pursuit. Jesus didn't have in mind maverick disciple-makers; He had in mind a community of believers who, together and under the authority of the local church, seek to transfer the faith to the next generation.

#3   Disciple-Making is Word-Centered, People-to-People Ministry

Compass GO is a people-to-people ministry where you learn, are challenged, and develop with a group of committed sojourners. When Jesus said “make disciples,” we cannot help but remember how He made disciples: three years of teaching twelve men on the dusty road. Disciple-making, then, is the Word of God shaping men and women within life-on-life relationships. This is Gospel-driven, Word-saturated, intentional one-anothering. It is men and women regularly teaching one another to obey what Jesus commanded.

Compass GO will help you understand who God is, as you become more familiar with the Bible and what He has done to reconcile the world to Himself in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Compass GO will help you think through major biblical doctrines and how, as a result, your beliefs are shaped by them. Compass GO will also help you apply those beliefs to every sphere of your life, relationships, marriage, parenting, etc. With biblical knowledge and rightly rooted beliefs, you live out God’s story in your day-to-day life, becoming a more whole disciple of Jesus Christ.

There are two primary ways that Compass GO happens within our Church:

#1   Intensives

Intensives are just as the name implies. Intensives are monthly in-depth and concentrated areas of study that will require some pre-work (usually some reading, as well as potential post work). Intensives are “socratic” in nature (a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions). Some example Intensives may be: Doctrine, Leadership, Preaching, and Relationships.


+  When will Intensives take place?

All our Intensives will take place on one Thursday night per month and the times will vill vary dependent on the topic.

+  Who are Intensives for?

Men and women. Our Intensives are for both men and women, although there will be times at each Intensive that the group will be split by gender to help with learning, relationships, and shepherding. Each Intensive will have a male and female leader to facilitate the groups.

+  Who teaches the Intensives?

This depends on the Intensive and topic.

+  How do I sign-up?

All our Intensives, as well as all pertinent information for each specific Intensive, are listed below and you can sign-up online. The cost for each Intensive will vary depending on the resources required.

+  Other notes

Our Intensives will have a sign-up “cut-off” two weeks prior to the Intensive taking place. This allows for all the pre-work to be completed and for the most robust discussion the night the Intensive takes place.


#2   Classes and Modules

The other primary way that Compass GO happens within The Compass Church is through classes and modules.

  • Classes: Classes are a one-time discipleship teaching opportunity with no prior pre-work.

  • Modules: The difference between our classes and modules is that a module happens over the course of more than one meeting. For example, a module may take place on a Friday night and a Saturday morning or over the course of several Thursday nights.
Our classes and modules will cover topics such as: Finances, Parenting, specific Biblical Studies, Marriage & Family, Introduction to the Bible, How to Study Your Bible, and specific Ministry Leaders' Training (i.e GPS leaders of worship teams). All classes can be signed up online and all the pertinent information will be available on our website including cost, instructor, times and minimum number of needed participants.