Rediscovering the identity of the church


When we talk about the church, many of us find ourselves in the same place. We have heard the Word, and we have a cultural idea of what the church is. We think church is a once-a-week event where we get together, sing some songs, hear a sermon, put our kids in kids' church so they can learn about Jesus, and then go home. To others the church is these amazing buildings, filled with wooden pews, a pulpit, and some stained glass windows. To others the church is just an out-dated institution that has no real purpose and is in its final days of life.

To some extent, these ideas of church have hints of truth. We think we know what church is, yet when we begin to explore God’s Word, we discover what looks radically different from what we think the church is. When we open up God’s Word, we see that we are asking the wrong question. The question we often ask is: “What is the church?” but the Bible shows us we need to ask: "Who is the church?" As we ask the right question, it challenges the way we think about church, the way we do church, and the way you and I are involved in church. 

This Summer we want to rediscover the identity of the church by going back to Scripture and asking this question: "Who is the church?" As we do this, we will see that the church is radically different than what we might have thought. We will be encouraged because the mission Jesus gave His Church 2,000 years ago is still relevant today. Jesus' promise still rings true that He will build His Church and nothing will be able to stop Him.

As we open up Scripture, we will begin to see that the church is not just an event, but a redeemed people with a mission that is much bigger than just Sunday. We see Christ-followers, who have a deep love for the bride of Christ and are committed to her, to worship together, pray together, and hear the Word of God proclaimed together. We see this living, growing body that is determined to see the mission it was given to make Jesus known to the ends of the world.

So, who is the church? What is her purpose? What is our role with the church as Christians? Let’s discover this together starting July 3.



July 3 Who is the Church?
July 10 The Church is Messy
July 17 The Church has a Message
July 24 The Church Gathered
July 31 The Church Scattered
August 7 Know the Gospel
August 14 Live the Gospel
August 21 Advance the Gospel