This fall we are going to be starting a sermon series called “Blurred Lines.” In this series, we are going to be teaching on some culturally sensitive and often charged topics around sexuality, marriage, relationship and parenting, gender and many other topics. We want to be very sensitive to our cultural realities and yet teach clearly, biblically and winsomely on hard topics. 

Many of us have questions relating to these issues and we want to do everything we can to help bring clarity to your questions throughout this series. To account for this, we have setup this anonymous online question form (see below) where you can submit as many questions as you wish in relation to sexuality, parenting, gender, marriage or anything that might be considered relevant with this teaching series. 

Through our weekly gatherings, we will do our best to address the questions you have submitted and fit them into the best weeks that they make sense. We will also be having an entire Sunday gathering committed to answering many of these hard questions. We appreciate your input and would encourage you to ask any question you may have.  

Submit Your Question

This form is completely anonymous. We appreciate your input.