Squirrels and Christmas (Week 2 - Advent Conspiracy)

Have you ever watched a squirrel? I have. They seem so frantic all the time, always working and running with something in their mouth! Squirrels are known for gathering food for the winter so that they will survive the long winter. Interesting fact about squirrels is that 50% of the food they will store up, they will forget where they stored it.

Are we not like squirrels? We go to our closets and look at a full closet and say, "I have nothing to wear" forgetting we have a full closet!

Pastor Blair challenged us on Sunday to look at our hearts this Christmas season and ask the question, "What does true contentment look like?" Spending less at Christmas does not mean we do not go out and buy gifts, but we need to examine our own hearts! Are we content with the things that God has given us or do we lust after other stuff!?

We came into the world naked, we are leaving naked (1 Timothy 6:6-10). We need to work at wanting what we have, even when we do not have everything we want. C.S. Lewis said the way to break money's power is to give it away! How will you spend this Christmas?