Running Against the Herd (Week 1 - Advent Conspiracy)

I will never forget the Christmas when Uncle Al came to our house! If you ever saw the movie, "Uncle Buck," Uncle Al was our Uncle Buck. Uncle Al looked a lot like Santa in every way! He was big guy! I remember he told us he wanted to hit the malls. We all cringed because it was Christmas eve. We went to the biggest mall in Regina, the Cornwall, and it was loaded with people! Uncle Al decied to go against the flow of the crowd and start walking into the crowd! It was amazing to watch! It was like the parting of the Red Sea! Now if I was to go against the crowd, it would be a much different story! I would get tossed around! It is really difficult to run against the herd! It is so much easier to go with the herd. Pastor Blair this past Sunday really challenged us to go against the herd and take time to slow down this Christmas and not run to so many different functions and finding that perfect gift for that friend who will most likely lie to you and say how much they love it! None of those things are wrong, but we can get so caught up in making those things the point of Christmas! Pastor Blair gave us some real practical choices we can make this Christmas season!

1) Advent readings once a day

2) Praying and reading Scripture

3) Create a spirit of thankfulness

We are praying for our church and our city that we may all have a fresh encounter with a living God who came to earth, put on skin as a helpless baby who spit up and needed his diaper changed! This is our King! He knows what it was like to be a human, because he became one and paid our debt! Wow!!! May our experience this Christmas be like that of the shepherds. Luke 2:20, "And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, as it had been told them."