Murray's Posts from Dominican Republic

NOVEMBER 5, 2012

Shan, Oliver and I were able to see the damage of hurricane Sandy as we flew thru New Jersey. We did not see the literal damage but the emotional damage it has done on people! We talked to a people who lost all their material things. They all seem to save one thing. Some people got their tv while others got pictures! What would you go back for?! What do you find important? I know what the apostle Paul would go back for! People! Not possessions. What a heart God gave to him! Paul after getting the trash kicked out of him brushes himself off and goes back to preach to the people who kicked him out!!!

I believe we are in Domican of Republic to see teenagers come to Christ!!!! God is faithful. We ask you to pray as we are in the schools!

We love our Compass family. You guys are down here in spirit!


NOVEMBER 7, 2012

We have not been in the schools yet. Monday was a holiday, Tuesday was a strike, so we toured around with Adroble. He works in the schools and is very passionate about the Heroes program. I have been able to teach him the program yesterday and he can see how it works! Adroble and his wife are expecting their first baby any day, so today he was not going to the schools! We will see about tomorrow but this trip has been worth it to teach Adroble the program!!! It's such an amazing program when you can talk about Jesus! The poverty here is very real! It's amazing what people live without!!! It has challenged our hearts!!!! Oliver and Shannon are doing well. The heat here makes for great sleeping!!!! We are done at the end of the day!!!!

Thanks for prayers!!!!!

We appreciate your prayers and know that people are praying because God has kept us from danger!!!!


NOVEMBER 10, 2012

Yesterday I was able to spend a long time with Adroble. He works in the schools here. I was able to walk through the Heroes program with him! He said it will reach 5,000 teens in Dominican! God is good! Because of the language and Adroble not fully understanding Heroes, they decided not to have me in the classroom, which right now it's more important that Adroble understands the heart of Heroes! I will be meeting with him next week to setup a mock classroom and how Shannon and I teach the program!!! My heart longs to see the same freedom Adroble has in the schools to talk about Jesus!!! Complete freedom in the schools here! But the Christians here tend to be very religious and judge people about how they dress! It is sad to see, because God cares about the heart, not what the person is wearing. :( I was able to talk to Adroble about this. He said he knows it's wrong, but so much of it is the Christian culture here!!!

My friends, God is so big! It's amazing to see how others live here!!! We had some crazy storms here with crashes of thunder that leave a little something in your shorts!!! I love hearing thunder! It reminds me of the God we serve!

Much love!!!! Shan and Olley are doing real good!!!!! Olley is scared of the ocean! It is cute how freaked out he gets!

Bye for now. :)


NOVEMBER 13, 2012

Yesterday we cleared land at a school so they could start a garden. I am pretty sure I have never sweat so much in my life! Good thing I was wearing my swimming trunks! They were drenched! The plan Bernie (the man who brought us here) has for the school is to start a green house at the school so the kids could take plants home, such as tomatoes and such! Yesterday was the start of the plan! Today we are going back to the school to plant the seeds with the kids from the school! Bernie wants to see if it will be taken care of and if it is well maintained to build a green house next year!!!! It has been great to interact with the kids! They call us "gringos."

Shannon and Olley are doing well! Olley is still very scared of the ocean! I think it is the first time he realized that there is something bigger than him and it freaked him right out!!! Are we not the same?! We like to think or try to do life without asking Jesus for help... we think we got this!!! Then it all comes crashing down and we realize rightly that Jesus has it!

Love you, Compass family! Thanks for your prayers!

Murray, Shannon and Olley


NOVEMBER 14, 2012

We have been in Dominican for almost two weeks! As we plan on coming home, our hearts start thinking about home an the excitement about coming home!!! As I write this, I am on a bus (bus?! A very old mini van with a letter in its windshield) heading for my final day of work on the garden for the school. When I think about home and miss home, it's a lot of comfort things I miss... friends, family, drinking water from the tap, not putting toilet paper in a waste basket, eating meat, driving, snow - it is November?! etc. With all of these "comfort" things gone, can I not still serve Jesus?! I realized how much of my life I spend in the temporal and not in the eternal! King Solomon begged with us to live for eternal things!!! There was a man who had it all! Did it complete him?! No! There was only one thing that did the hope that God brought in his life!!!! If you have not read through Ecclesiastes lately, do! It's a super challenging book!!! Talk about Soloman living the dream!!!

My heart has been very challenged and sin revealed in my life about caring more about temporal rather than eternal!

See you all soon!!!