Give More (Week 3 - Advent Conspiracy)

What is the best gift you ever received at Christmas? I can tell you mine! It was a toy grain auger! I thought I died and gone to farm heaven! But what made that grain auger so special was that it was a gift from my Dad! In the Lutzer household, every November my Dad will tell my Mom to take it easy on the gifts this year! My Mom responded by not buying anything! Usually around the first part of December, my Dad would say "Ahh, Charlene, I really think you should buy some gifts." We had gifts again for another year at the Lutzer house! What made my grain auger so special was that I knew it came from my Dad!

Pastor Blair on Sunday told us that what makes gifts so special is not the gift itself, but the person who gave it! We are relational people we cherish the gifts from the ones who love us most! God did the same thing for us, but His gift was not a gift you could buy at Wal-Mart, but it came in the form of a baby! God sure does know our hearts! How approachable is a baby? I don't know anyone who is afraid of a baby! I thought I might have been the first time after the birth of our son, but he is not scary at all!

God knows we have a sin problem, and He gave the best thing that could not only fix it but pay the price for our sin!!! Wow!!! Read about it in Philippians 2:5-11! God became approachable when He sent His Son as a baby!!!

Thank you Jesus for coming for us and rescuing us!!! Jesus in not the "reason for the season" but the "reason for everything"!!!

Have a great Christmas! Give because we have been given so much!!